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Nov 16, 2015 at 02:18 PM

DS on HANA: other data sources that HANA live views



we're currently using Design Studio 1.5 SP1 (ver 15.1.2) together with HANA backend (rev 97).

We've been very exited since using a HANA backend finally allows to publish DS reports without having to run a java stack.

However, when using a Netweaver system (e.g. ERP) where it is still necessary to use java stack, you can directly use DDIC views, infosets and queries as datasources.

With HANA backend, you can "only" use HANA live views where you don't have the ABAP and BW features of the netweaver stack. Is there a way to use any other data sources than live views when connected to HANA?

Thanks & regards