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Nov 16, 2015 at 10:24 AM

Different results with brf+ technical trace compared to lean trace or no_trace


Hello experts,

I have a productive brf+ application which works fine without trace or with lean trace.

To explain the result of the expression (a descion table) to the users of the application, I have written an ABAP report to

show the technical trace ( in a optimized view).

Now we have the problem that the called brf+ function returns different results when called with technical trace.

The only difference is the way the brf+ function is called:

IF pv_trace_mode EQ if_fdt_constants=>gc_trace_mode_technical R pv_trace_mode EQ if_fdt_constants=>gc_trace_mode_lean.

" Call brf+ function with lean or technical trace

CALL METHOD go_function_get_valid_carrier->process
io_context = lo_context
iv_trace_mode = pv_trace_mode
eo_trace = po_trace
eo_result = lo_result.


" Call brf+ function without trace

CALL METHOD go_function_get_valid_carrier->process
io_context = lo_context
eo_result = lo_result.


" ⚠️Result is different with technical trace

lo_data_object = lo_result->get_data_object( ).
o_result->get_value( EXPORTING iv_name = 'RES_T_ZHWWWM_CARRIER_DETECTI_1' IMPORTING ea_value = lt_carriert_data ).

The technical trace and the lean for line 58 of the decision table is attached. There is a difference. in the processing of column 18.

Column condition: "value" <=274 CM or is initial

The value is 300 CM

SAP Release

SAP_BASIS 731 0010 SAPKB73110

SAP_ABA 731 0006 SAPKA73106

SCM 702 0006 SAPKY70206 Supply Chain Management 7.02

Is there a known problem with technical trace ?

Best regards