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Feb 14, 2006 at 12:43 AM

Packing Instruction with Handling Unit


Hi all

We are currently using packing instruction functionality in SAP and we need to pack the product in different boxes based upon the ordered quantity. for example, on the packing instruction, we have 3 boxes (3 different packaging materials to handle different quantities). I am using min qty function as well.

Box 1 Qty >1 - QTY <12

Box 2 Qty >12 - Qty <25

Box 3 Qty > 26

Now if the order qty is 30, then I would ideally like the box 3 to be chosen automatically for packing, and if it is 15, then I would like box 2 to be chosen automatically.

System does not seem to have any logic to do the calculation above. If I am missing something, please advise. I have already tried alternate packing instruction function but that also does not choose the box size for us automatically.