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Nov 16, 2015 at 07:01 AM

SMP 3.0 + Single Device Multiple Users


Dear All,

We are in an evaluation phase with one of our clients where there is a possibility of using the same device with multiple SMP users.

An Example is a multiple shift production or construction site that have only one Device for their use. Now in morning shift User A will be login and his data will be loaded and in evening shift User B will need to login in the same device and work on his data.

We are migrating from SUP 2.2.5 to SMP 3.0.x where you need to unregister and than register a new user in order to run on the same device.

The application is built with SAP UI5 + OData (Netweaver Gateway) + SMP 3.0.x

Question 1: What should be the ideal process flow for Logout/Login with SMP 3.0.x keeping in mind register/unregister in mind ???

Question 2: If multiple users can login in same device, how offline scenarios will be handled for those users ???

A prompt reply would be highly appreciated.