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Nov 14, 2015 at 05:58 PM

Workflow log "User View" not showing user task from service for object


I have a new WF activity task in a new WF template. Nothing fancy. Agent assignment is set correctly, because I can see task in the "Technical View".

Problem is, end users use the "User View" wf personal settings and can not see who has the task.

User opens VA03. Go to Services for Object -> Workflow -> Workflow Overview

I can't see the task on the dialog box and when I open the log (with WF personal settings set to "user view"), I can't see the task. Background tasks are showing. But no task is displayed even though it is in the user's inbox. All old wf templates work fine.

Example 2:

From user's inbox, open wf log for task (that is in his inbox), go to the log view "User view" setting. No task displays.

I checked on several test users. I regenerated the task. Re-did the agent assignment settings.

Something changed recently, because 'ALL' my agent assignments show Yellow, not Green. Even though all of the old templates work just fine.

I run SWK_LOCAL_INBOX_GET & SAP_WAPI_CREATE_WORKLIST and they get retrieved, with all the other tasks. No user has restrictions.

See attachment Capture.jpg the Agent Assignment is yellow. Should they all be Green?

Capture2.jpg is the "User View" log. No task. I switch to "Classic Technical View", shows up as expected.

I'm stumped! Ideas?




Capture2.JPG (45.0 kB)
Capture.JPG (23.6 kB)