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Feb 13, 2006 at 09:12 PM

Internet + Intranet access to ITS



My company is currently using the external ITS 6.20 patch 17 to provide web access to our ECC 5.0 (ERP 2004) system. We have a bank of 4 single-host (WGate + multiple AGate) ITS instances running on Windows 2000 Server & IIS. The 4 ITS servers are hardware load balaced with a Cisco Local Director. The local director balances new requests against the current load on the 4 ITS machines. All incoming traffic today is over the company intranet. All users are supposed to be using IE 6 SP2, and most are.

There's a new project on the horizon that requires providing web access to the backend SAP system from the public internet. The expected user base needing public internet access is expected to be small.

Setting aside the security aspects for now, my questions are primarily about leveraging the existing hardware and load balancing. My initial thought was to define a new WGate only instance for the public intenet users, which would then connect through a firewall and load balance across the 4 existing AGate machines.

So - does this idea seem workable? Will I potentially screw up my load balancing, since it's being balanced from two separate sources (internal users vs. external users)?

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.



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