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Feb 13, 2006 at 08:39 PM

Iterator only shows correct value when page is refreshed.


Hi all,

In my iterator problem I have included a screenshot of what is happening in my system.

Basically the story is as follows

I have 2 rows in my iterator displaying on screen.

each row has a column which shows values from a internal table cell of type REC_AMOUNT (receipt amount). (see screenshot).

Myassumption is that when one of the iterator cells appear with a red border aruond it, it means that you entered a value that is not compatible with the TYPE assigned to it. In this case "REC_AMOUNT". So i have a negative amount there on display but it is not reflected in the itab (see screenshot Step 1).

Anyway I proceed to delete the first row with the negative value (step 2). The first row of expense type Transport- Mileage disappears. The Meal-lunch expense type (with value 55.0000) moves up and for some reason, displays the value of the just-deleted 1st row(-9.0000).

I have debugged this at this point many times and the itab shows the correct "55.0000" and not -9.0000. Somehow it still displays -9.0000 despite the value in the itab.

And when I navigate away and come back, it suddenly shows the <b>correct</b> value of 55.0000.

Soemhow I feel this is a bug, i also feel it may have to do with the field having a red border around it initially,

Any idea how do fix this? It does not cause any problems in terms of functionality, but it can be very misleading.


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