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Nov 13, 2015 at 02:48 PM

Want I want PowerBuilder to be


When I open my PowerBuilder software package in the future, here is what I want to see:

I want my new PB to be the "Swiss Army Knife of Business Application Development"!

If I'm going to pay $3,000 for PB,

Here is what I expect to see in the box (short list) ...

  • Integrated product suite
  • All based on one simple language
  • Fully inter-operable with Java
  • Fully inter-operable with .Net
  • Fully integrated & robust Debugger
  • Source Code Manager built-in
  • Report Writer built-in (& Free to deploy)
  • Documentation tool built-in
  • Application mining tool built-in
  • Code refactoring tool built-in
  • Integrated OO framework built-in
  • Straight forward, simple & intuitive IDE
  • Able to build CONSOLE applications
  • Able to build WEB applications
  • Able to build DeskTop applications
  • Able to build SERVER applications
  • Able to build TASKBAR applications
  • Able to build CONSOLE applications
  • Able to build MULTI-THREAD applications
  • Able to build N-TIER applications
  • Able to build MOBILE applications
  • Able to build WEB SERVICE applications
  • Able to deploy on multiple O/S's
  • Able to deploy on multiple DEVICES.
  • Able to support FTP services
  • Able to support SMTP services
  • Able to support TCP/IP services
  • Able to support SMS services
  • Able to support BIOMETERIC services
  • Able to support GEOSPACIAL services
  • An amazing DataWindow object!


Here is what I don't expect to see in the box ...

  • An IDE based on Eclipse
  • An IDE based on Visual Studio
  • A product that requires 3rd party products to accomplish anything useful
  • A product based on a 3GL cryptic language

See what's in Appeon's future PB box!

Image result for santa claus

Don't forget to tell Appeon what you want in your PB box (click here).

PS: Oh yeah ... and Batteries included - Ho, Ho, Ho!

Regards ... Chris


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