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Nov 13, 2015 at 02:01 PM

Unable to start SUM


Dear All,

Recently we have updated ABAP SP in PI system but after that SUM is not starting to update java stack.and after inserting <sis>adm user the below error is coming.

The update tool was unable to connect to the SAPControl web service on any of the detected instance numbers. Check that the SAP Start Services are running for all instances in the cluster. See SAP Note 1401712 for further information. The update tool is unable to detect the instances information for instance number: 0 on host: null via the SAPCONTROL web service API. Either the SAP Start Service associated with this instance is not running or a required functionality is not supported by the current version of the Kernel. See SAP Note 1401712 for further information. Sapcontrol client could not perform action get instance properties on instance 0 Return code condition success evaluated to false for process sapcontrol for action get instance properties

therefore we need help.