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Nov 13, 2015 at 12:29 PM

No "Status updates" feature in new SCN?


Hello there!

In our last meeting of the Reputation Advisory Group I got the information that there will be no "status updates" feature in the new SCN solution and that I should voice my opinion about that in this space.
So here I am to ask if this is already set in stone or if that plan could change, if just somebody would point out the usefulness of it? Being one of those people who uses the status updates very much, let me be its advocate.

I know it's kind of a small feature and not a lot of people seem to use it, but I can honestly say that my network of people in the community would not be as rich, wide and diverse, if I had not started sharing and participating in status updates.
There is no other place in SCN where you can quickly and directly share thoughts, ideas, rants, vents, jokes or information like this. It's like my own little place in the community with a big cosy couch and people come by and we talk and joke a bit and then everybody goes back to what they've done before, but a bit richer and better in thought or mood or whatever.

Through status updates I've met a lot of new people here on SCN, that I've normally not would have been in contact with, because our "areas of expertise" are so different. And they helped me not just to meet people, but to get to know them a little better and as such I grew closer to some and formed a great peer group. All this was possible because of the small, mostly overlooked feature of "status updates". And don't get me started on all the cool things I learned through the discussions that spread from a simple, little status update.

It is my direct and best connection to the community, it is what gives me that nice community spirit and warm fuzzy feeling. SCN is so big and filled with so much information and people that it is great to have a little quiet (and sometimes not to quiet) corner of it to meet and discuss all kind of different things and not going big about it and creating a new thread. Fleeting thoughts don't need a thread. Jokes or random "Look at this!" stuff don't need a thread. But they need a place to be shared IMO and the status updates are perfect for it.

So as you can image I was kind of shocked when @Audrey Stevenson informed us that there was no plan to include this feature (is there another word for this, I feel like I'm wearing it out) in the new platform.
Is there a technical reason? Or just the "nobody uses it anyway" thought? I can say for my growing peer group that it is indeed used. A lot. And it's important for us. IMO it's the most community-building thingy you have on here.