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Bug: Bad UX: Write a Comment, click on blue "Comment"-button -> your comment is gone! :-(

Feb 03, 2017 at 01:35 PM


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I think the picture allready explains it well:

Creating a Comment in Coffee Corner, but I think it applies to questions as well

There are 2 blue buttons you can presss, but only one of them doese safe your comment. The other one discards it without warning, with now way of getting it back.



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Fell into this trapp again, this time with an embedded picture:

Also, I noticed the down vote: Great if you don't have the problem! I still think it's beneficial that I share my experience here.

Would be nice if we could get some metrics/statistics on "Comment button pressed out of the 'Create Comment' Editor".

0 has this problem as well:

The "Add Comment" button does NOT add my comment, but discards it! :-(

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1 Answer

Mynyna Chau
Feb 06, 2017 at 09:43 AM

Hi Joachim,

thanks for your question. We are currently working with high priority on this bug and it should be fixed soon. I will get back to you for updates.



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Hi Mynyna,

any news on this one? I just checked, it still behaves like that, giving me a bad UX. :-(




Hi Joachim,

since all the recent changes in Q&A, I didn't check back if the buttons are still confusing in Coffee Corner to be honest with you (although I wrote comments in CC as well, and never realized these confusing buttons myself). I should have come back to you with an update, I apologize. :(

But I will raise it with IT/UX and see what can be done for this confusion. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Regards, Mynyna