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Feb 13, 2006 at 05:34 PM

Approach to Design in IR


What are best practices for the following in the IR? For simplicity sake, lets say I have an integration scenario where I am sending a message from system 'A' to system 'B' through XI. I believe I have 3 options when creating all Design objects (Interface Objects, Mapping Objects, Integration Processes, etc.) of an integration scenario:

1 - All under SENDING SWCV / namespace of system 'A'

2 - All under RECEIVING SWCV / namespace of system 'B'

3 - Split interface objects, w.r.t SWCV / namespace of SENDING system 'A', w.r.t. SWCV / namespace of RECEIVING system 'B', and with all share design objects (i.e. mapping, integration objects, etc.) designed under and XI SWCV / namespace

Please help me in understanding the pros and cons of each approach, if there are more approaches, and best practices. Also consider, the situation of multiple SENDER systems (i.e. n to 1), multiple RECEIVER systems (i.e. 1 to n), and multiple SENDER and RECEIVER systems (i.e. m to n).