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Nov 12, 2015 at 09:53 AM

NWBC 5.0: Issue with flash content


Hi there,

for testing purposes I've installed NWBC 5.0 both on a Citrix terminal Server farm and local on a PC. Until now NWBC isn't used productively but we are preparing a Company-wide distribution. Some departments are asking for it. Patch level is SAPKB74010, IE11 is running, SAP Logon 7.40 is installed together with NWBC, latest patches are installed.

Well, It's my job now to test NWBC...

...and here is my problem: While the Citrix installation works fine so far, the local installation doesn't. Calling a page with Flash content ("B2B by Practice - Cockpit", http://xxxxxxxx02:50000/b2bbp-engine/org.b2bbp.admin/main.html - the splash screen is Flash) I get the error message

"Alternate HTML Content should be placed here. This Content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash."

Sure, it sounds like missing Flash, but Flash IS installed. Calling that page in IE11 works. Implementing the page in SAP Gui 7.40 via SSM_CUST/SESS_URL works, too. Only in NWBC and only on a local Installation the error message is displayed. Have no idea...

I have checked the configuration options and compared bw. local and Citrix Installation - no success. I have searched in Service Marketplace and here in SCN - no success.

I would appreciate any help I could get... :-) Does anyone have an idea?

P.S. Installed NWBC 6.0 - same Problem.