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Nov 11, 2015 at 08:23 PM

Bug: property of a complex type is processed wrongly by a worklist template.


Dear support,

Here is a bug I found in Web IDE:

I have a model with Entity that has a property Headerdata of a complex type Headerdata. See attached file.

Now I want to create a new project based on the following template:

with the following parameters:

When I run the program even with mock data and try to navigate to any item nothing happens. After debugging look what I found:

It looks like template didn't processed complex type attribute properly and now we have dividing mathematical operation in the code =)

This fix helps to get rid of the issue:

sObjectName = oObject.Headerdata.Name;

Meanwhile, in the old SAP Fiori Fullscreen Application template this model works fine. So I expect this is a release bug.

Also, there is one more issue. Not so critical, but:

When we run the app, column texts are shown wrong:

In the old template we didn't have this Headerdata addition for the same model.

Please fix.




metadata.xml (5.2 kB)