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Former Member
Feb 13, 2006 at 04:17 PM

new masthead


Hi, I have followed the instructions to create a self and new masthead:

1.-> I have downloaded the component.

2.-> I have rename to a self name com.client.portal.masthead

3.-> I have create a par file.

4.-> I have deployed the component to the portal.

5.-> I have created a iview based on the par file.

When I try to preview dump a exception.

"iView : N/A

Component : N/A"

I have reading others similar logs and I have done the following:

- I have updated the portalapp.xml classname with my name but the error continue;

It seems there are two ways more:

1.-> add two jars.

Where can I download the complete jar files?

2.-> update autoschemes.xml

I think that is not necesary.

3.-> the last thing is watch the log files but when I try through SystemAdministration-Support appear a exception.

How can I wath the log files?

I think that crete new masthead is very common task if someone have could create the masthead I would be very grateful if give me the taks that have followed.

Thanks in advance.