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Nov 11, 2015 at 12:03 PM

What help to expect here?



Let's play a little game in our heads:

You are a driving instructor. You give driving lessons for beginners, but you pride yourself of helping other drivers with questions for free.

Your phone rings. A desparate voice: "Hello Sir! I'm on a motorway driving at 80mph. All looks fine. But I have to get off the next exit. I have a doubt, whether this works at 80mph. Can you confirm this is ok? If not: where is the button to change speed?"

You: "What? You can't be in a car 1st time, can you? Is this a joke?"

He/her: "No Sir. No joke, but yes I'm a fresher and this is my first drive. All went very well so far. Can you help?"

Yes: some questions really are like this. It gives me nightmares.

I know finding jobs can be difficult. But don't allow an employer to put you into a car at 80 mph without telling you where the brakes are!