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Nov 11, 2015 at 10:37 AM

Additional QC samples produced in Manufacturing



We are using QC testing after production.

QC samples needed for testing, are issued to QC cost center once material is produced.

We have done enhancement in process order to increase process order quantity with QC samples, when process order is created.

Refer following example

if process order has original requirement quantity 100 pc and as per QC sample plan 10 pcs are needed then process order quantity will be incresed to 110 pc.This 10 numbers will be received in stock after GR and will be used in QC testing

Now problem occurs during MRP, when this 10 numbers are considered as available till process order is not delivered and quantity is not put in unrestricted stock.

Without changing MRP net requirement calculation logic, Is it possible to nullify 10 numbers in MRP.