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Nov 10, 2015 at 10:16 PM



Dear experts,

After throughly searching for solution, I am posting my problem here

1. I have developed a workflow for PR Release Strategy. I have used WS20000077 and task is TS20000159. Agent assignment is RULE 20000026

2. In SWDD, in basic data, i have activated Bindings for BUS2105 with the event object RELEASESTEPCREATED. And for assignment, General task with user ID


1. My workflow doesnt trigger when I create PR but release strategy is good to go

2. I cannot find any TRIGGERING EVENT in my task 20000159

3. When i check SWUD, it says PROBLEM: TASK Not started

I couldnt understand from the screen whether its Basis configuration is required or I am missing any step

4. When I go into detail of Problem: tast not started, it gives the following screen

5. How can I resolve this 'Determine instances for task' in SWUD

Notice: I have created a copy of WS20000077, but both WS20000077 and copied workflow are active. SO do i need to inactive anyone of them

Would appreciate early response. Although I am an MM consultant but I need to deliver this to client



swud.png (150.6 kB)
swud status.png (103.5 kB)
problem.png (91.1 kB)