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Which HTML file is run when I deploy a UI5 app to the Fiori Launchpad?

Feb 03, 2017 at 01:13 PM


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I am creating a UI5 app in the web IDE and registering it to the Fiori Launchpad.

My UI5 app contains multiple HTML files. When I run the app from the web IDE, I am prompted to select the HTML file to run. When I publish it to the FLP, however, it seems the FLP automatically understands which file to run, and I cannot understand the logic behind it.

I checked all the settings files of my app (flp-config.json, neo-app.json, .project.json etc) but cannot find anything which could indicate which file is the "main" runnable. I also checked the HTML5 app settings on HCP, and the tile settings on the FLP, but no joy on that side either.

If anyone could shed a bit of light on how the FLP determines this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Jamie Cawley
Feb 06, 2017 at 07:13 PM

Any fiori style app's main entry point is the component.js. If you deployed a non fiori style app to hcp and then registered as a url based app in the launchpad it would use the welcomeFile defined in the neo-app.json.



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That makes sense. Not the way it's done in the web IDE, then. Thanks!

Jun Wu Feb 03, 2017 at 02:13 PM

i don't know hcp, in abap flp, no html is called. I think hcp should be similar.

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Hi Jun,

Thanks for your answer - perhaps I have not been clear enough. Each UI5 app needs to be embedded into one specific HTML file; as such, this HTML file needs to be run for the UI5 app to be displayed. There is no way around this.



flp is the html, which will embed your app, they don't need any other html. you just provide the ui5 component. that's it.

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Jun Wu

Ok, let me formulate it this way. How does the FLP determine which HTML file (inside my project) is the UI5 component?