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Nov 10, 2015 at 02:29 PM

SAP SFTP adapter -- interval for modification check



we are using the new SFTP adapter as sender. In the Processing tab, there is a mandatory field Interval(mSec) for modification check. I really don't understand what it means, from SAP help:

This parameter defines the sender channel to poll the directory at regular intervals and checks for file modifications. The SFTP adapter polls after every interval and checks for the last modified time and size of the file. The criteria for the adapter to process the file is given below: •If the file has been modified, then it is not processed. •If the file is not modified, then it is processed. The default value of interval is 100 ms.

why would we need this parameter? There is a parameter Poll Interval which indicates how often to poll the file. why would the adapter keep polling the directory every 100 ms for modification? for what business sense would this parameter be required? I just can't understand why it is needed.

In fact, my SFTP sender adapter failed because of this, I have no idea how to fix it as it is a mandatory parameter.