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Nov 10, 2015 at 07:10 AM

CJ20N multiple networks shown in network graphic



We are using CJ20N (project builder) with multiple networks assigned. When I position on a specific network in CJ20N and click on network graphic

I get to see ALL assigned networks in the project, not only the on I positioned on in the project tree. When there is a number of networks assigned this overview

becomes very prone to errors (adjustments made in wrong network). When I show the graphic via CN23 (network display) I (off course) only get the network I enter.

Via CJ20N with multiple networks example: I position on network 8054433 but in the graphic view all other networks are shown too.

Graphic overview

Is it possible to restrict the network graphic view with CJ20N to the network you position in in CJ20N (also like single entry in CN23).

CN23 Graphic overview

Kind regards, Ruud van Rijn


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