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Nov 10, 2015 at 03:19 AM

Call for SAP Directors: A new RS licensing model to benefit customers in ASE migration


I have been in this situation numerous times: a customer has to upgrade its ASE server. Decision makers sit down to negotiate possible upgrade paths. Downtime is measured for each. Risks are carefully calculated. The best upgrade path turns out to be using replication server for upgrade. Zero downtime. Perfect downgrade path. Risk low. Everyone seems to be happy - except for CFO: rep server costs are XX$K per core. At least a dozen of rep server cores are needed to pull the upgrade. The best upgrade path is turned down - again.

I was wondering if someone at SAP managerial level might have picked up this challenge and came out with a new licensing model for rep server which would make rep server available for existing ASE customers for a special price for the duration of upgrade. It will definitely boost the product appeal. More customers will get exposed to it. Existing customers will feel taken care of. SAP will put more $$ into its budget. Looks like win-win situation to me.

Anyone at SAP bold enough to take the challenge?