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Nov 09, 2015 at 10:11 PM

Attribute Validation with Extension Framework


Hi everyone, I am new to using the Extension Framework, and am currently working with IDM 7.2 SP8. I'll start by explaining the issue and what I'm trying to do. Managers are not allowed to request roles for their direct reports, but IDM lets this occur. I have customized the workflow upon submission so that the request is rejected and an email gets sent to the manager indicating the issue. However, I would like to display a custom UI message precisely when a manager presses the save button after requesting a role for one of their direct reports. From what I understand, the Extension Framework utilizes two functions; onLoad and onSubmit. Using the onSubmit function, I can easily check the array of changed values to see if a role was requested. Next, I need to check to see if the requestor of the role is the manager of the person for whom the role was requested (This is the part this is a little tricky for me). 1.) Does anyone know how to capture the person who requested the role? 2.) The OnSubmit function gives you access to IdmSubmit data which holds the attributes/values that changed. Is there a way to access all of the attributes/values for an entry within the OnSubmit function, and not just the attribute/value pairs that changed prior to saving?