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Nov 09, 2015 at 04:58 PM

Annotations & smartfilterbar control


Hi community,

I'm trying to use the smartfilterbar. I'm working in Eclipse with JS views.

The problem is when I call this element in the view I don't get the input field, only the buttons on the side:

I know that my $metadata is generated, but I'm missing the Annotation tags in the file(which as I could read in some posts are the key tags to why this element is showing or not showing any data). Those posts, that I'm referring to, were for the smarttable element but I'm guessing that tag is important for all smart controls (please correct me if I'm wrong).

This is my gateway service:

I want to be able to filter by Qmnum property of the EntityType oList so I've checked it to be filterable.

The metadata is as follows:

As you can see no Annotation tags. BTW, when I created the service project i chose the first option: 'Service with SAP Annotations'.

There's good documentation in the tutorials for the smart controls but I don't see anywhere explained how the Gateway service is build(SAPUI5 SDK - Demo Kit).

Can anyone assist me on this issue?



Screenshot_5.jpg (192.4 kB)
Screenshot_6.jpg (272.7 kB)
Screenshot_7.jpg (14.7 kB)