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Feb 13, 2006 at 01:17 PM

ITS Admin Instance: What's the initial login and password?



I've installed ITS 6.20

(Version: 6200.1019.53044.0 Buildno: 768746 Package: system.sar

Version: 6200.1019.53044.0 Buildno: 768746 Package: its_adm.sar)

on a win2003 server machine with apache 1.3.

I've installed two instances:

First, the admin instance listening on port 81

and the normal instance listening on port 82

The normal instance works fine and I succesful can connect to sap with service webgui

The admin instance is also running and I get a login screen after starting service admin with the IE browser.


During the installation I was prompted for a admin password and I entered an easy one: admin

What ever I tried, no login pass combination worked.

I tried:

itsadmin / admin

itsadmin / init

itsadmin / itsadmin

itsadm / admin

itsadm / init

itsadm/ itsadm


Could it be that the admin user still is not created?

Do I have to configure something before I can access the admin service?

How could I reset username and password?