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Nov 09, 2015 at 04:20 AM

Custom view with Model Node shows fields as greyed out & "Not Bound"


Hello Experts,

I have created a custom form view to act as input to create a specific type of BPs as per the business requirement.In the view I have added a context node of type Model Node and which is of type BuilHeader as base entity.

But when I see this view in Web UI I get the fields as greyed out and "Not Bound"message appears against each field.

When I debugged the issue , I found that in the context node methods for example GET_I the "Current" is coming as initial.In short the context node instance is not getting initialized.

I guess I am missing some piece of code somewhere.I am creating a custom view for the first time so guys please suggest .


Issue.jpg (83.1 kB)