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Nov 07, 2015 at 01:18 PM

Error while doing Posting Change in EWM


Hello Experts

I am trying to do posting change using /SCWM/POST but I am not able to perform.Also since I am not changing the Storage Bin so I am not using WPT which eliminates any WPT related issues.

I have tried for 4-5 storage Types and also various combinations of Stock Type(from F2->Q4,F2->Q3,F2->B5 etc) but without any luck.

I am getting the Error "Target stock type Q4 is not allowed in storage type 0050" and similar ones.

Am I missing some config that I need to maintain ??

Error Desc:

Message Text

Target stock type Q4 is not allowed in storage type 0050

Technical Data

Message type__________ E (Error) Message class_________ /SCWM/GM (Messages from Stock Postings) Message number________ 096 Message variable 1____ Q4 Message variable 2____ 0050 Message variable 3____ Message variable 4____

Message Attributes

Level of detail_______ Problem class_________ Sort criterion________ Number________________ 1

Environment Information

Text (200 chars.)_____ /SCWM/S_ASP_STOCK FieldName_____________ Field length 10_______ 0000000002