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Nov 06, 2015 at 07:18 PM

Report using wrong database name in fully qualified table names



Consider three SQL databases: Test, Production, and ProductionCopy. All three databases have identical schemas. All are running on the same server.

I have a report with several subreports. This report makes use of both Crystal Reports database commands and directly reading the database tables.

When developing the report inside the Crystal Reports IDE, I have set all datasource locations to point to Test. At runtime in my .NET application, all report datasources in the CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument object are recursively set to Production.


When I run this report against Production, all data from tables is being read from Test. All data from Crystal Reports database commands is being read correctly from Production.

When I run the report against ProductionCopy, the problem goes away.

The only change being made to switch between the two is to the connection string in the application's Web.Config file.

When I run the application from Visual Studio, the problem goes away. To recreate, I have published the application to run locally on IIS.

Running traces in SQL Server Profiler, all report queries are being executed against the proper database. However, when running against Production, the queries reading directly from tables are using Test in the fully qualified table name.

i.e. SELECT "SomeTable"."Foo", "SomeTable"."Bar", "SomeTable"."Baz" FROM "Test"."SomeSchema"."SomeTable"

However, when running the report against ProductionCopy, the fully qualified table names are correct.

i.e. SELECT "SomeTable"."Foo", "SomeTable"."Bar", "SomeTable"."Baz" FROM "ProductionCopy"."SomeSchema"."SomeTable"

What I Have Tried

Restoring ProductionCopy directly from the live version of Production, to ensure that both contain identical data.

Attaching a debugger to the IIS process to check the values of the data connections in the ReportDocument object at runtime. At the point ExportToStream is called on the report, all database and datasource connections for the report and all subreports point to Production.

Attempting to serialize the ReportDocument object so that it can be searched for all instances of the string "test", though I was unsuccessful in my attempts.

Updating to the latest versions of Crystal Reports 2013 ( and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (

Running another report with a similar structure, but the problem does not occur.

Next Steps

It turns out I can't attach a .rpt file to this post, and I definitely can't attach a MCVE.