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Former Member
Nov 06, 2015 at 05:34 PM

LSMW: how to incorporate a new DMIG-Program into LSMW?


Hi all,

I need a recomendation from someone who is familiar with LSMW.

My task is to incorporate a NON-Standard data migration program into the LSMW.

It is a non-Standard program as it is filling data for a non-standard object (Z-tables).

I see that in LSMW we have the options of

a) Recording => not possible in my case as we have different screen sequence depending on contract types

b) Batch-Input/Direct Input: I see there are SAP standard programs.

Is there a way to include a Z-Migration Object with a Z-Program.

Any step-by-step instructions that could guide me?


I am wondering if I create a new BOR-object and then encapsulate my migration program into a BAPI.

However this seems very difficult as I have no idea how to create for my z-migration program a

BAPI method, Message Type and Basic Type that LSWM is asking for.

Please let know which would be the best posible way to incorporate my Z-data-migration-program into LSMW.