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Nov 06, 2015 at 05:30 PM

Sybase IQ 16 On Linux recomendations


Hi experts , i just want to ask your suggestions about Sybase IQ on Linux. What Linux distribution and version do you think it´s the best option to install sybase IQ 16(and what SP and patch for IQ do you recomend)?

I'm asking this because we are in a Sybase IQ implementation project and we did it on windows server 2012 R2, however, we had so much problems that the client is proposing changing to linux, but we want to be sure what´s the best option(stability,reliability,etc)

Some of the problems we had on windows are:

-The RLV functionality it's failing on identity columns(duplicate identitys generated)(as you can see on my post ), SAP has told us that this is solved on SP 10.04, however, this patch its avaliable only on linux).

-The ETL process(using SAP Data Services 4.1 SP4) sometimes fails with message "connection was terminated"

-And the worst of all our problems, is that sybase IQ is very unstable , it stops sudenly when it's under heavy loads, it hasn't worked fine for more than 2 days. A certificated consultant has reviewed everything and has no clue on whats wrong, tickets had been posted to SAP and they don't have idea , the log files simply say : UNKNOWN ERROR or UNKNOWN STATEMENT .

We'll appreciate your suggestions on what's better based on your experience.

Thank you!