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Nov 06, 2015 at 04:40 PM

Looking for Guidance on Encryption (SSL & TDE)


References • SSL o o • TDE o Looking for recommendations, steps, etc. ... We are building out a new environment for our SAP system and going through a big upgrade: • Moving to Windows Server 2012 (from 2008 R2) • Moving to SQL Server 2014 (from 2008 R2) And, want to make sure that we do all of the best practices with regards to securing the environment. Please share any knowledge, experience, and recommendations (both good and bad) with doing the following: • Enabling encryption for the database & server communication (i.e., SSL) -- but, it is not on current versions (see 'Reference' above) • Encrypt database files, log files, tempdb, and backups (i.e., TDE) Thanks in advance! ~ Melanie