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Nov 06, 2015 at 02:40 PM

The serial number scanning during a shipment


The customer works in the production system EWM. The product profile of the serial number - C (Serial Numbers in Inventory Management) is activated in the system.

The disadvantage of this profile is as follows:

We made the putaway of the product in a box or pallet (whole handling unit) and scanned the all amount. The whole handling unit with scanned serial numbers is on the storage bin.

Then we make the shipment. The amount equal to one box / pallet (whole HU) + some PCS of the product is in one warehouse task. The system in the process of shipment requires to scan all the quantity of product for the warehouse task, including the whole handling unit with the existing serial numbers, in the RF environment. An additional scanning of all units in the whole HU in the RF environment causes additional works of customer. This is not an effective solution.

Note: If the box / pallet (HU) is in one warehouse task and a few pcs of product are in other warehouse tasks, the system requires to scan only a single PCS in the RF environment.

Is it possible to configure the system so that you can scan SN only for PCS of the product when we have box / pallet (whole HU) + some PCS of the product in one warehouse task in the RF environment?