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Nov 06, 2015 at 07:49 AM

Funds Management- 9H and 9I Ledger


Dear Experts,

I need your support for the following requirement under Funds management !

I need to have a separate budgets for Commitment postings (PO and PR) and Actual postings (Invoice). Hence, I have activated 9H (PB) and 9I (CB) ledgers and uploaded the respective budgets.

For Example,

Commitment Budget: 1,20,000 and Payment Budget as 20,000.

I define the "filter settings for Commitment and actual values" under 9H budget (exclude PO and PR) so that commitment postings will not be checked by 9H ledger.

When I do the PO for 1,30,000.......I should get an error message as it has to check the 9I ledger.....but the system is accepting the posting without showing any error !!!

Can you please help me ! how can I have separate budgets and availability controls for commitment postings and actual postings separately ?