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Former Member
Feb 13, 2006 at 09:58 AM

Passing a parameter to MVC BSP


Hi All,

I am fairly new to this BSP lark and was wondering if anyone could help me. I am wanting to call a BSP created using the MVC techniquies from another web link by passing it a parameter. For example if i had created the BSP without MVC i could just call the .htm page using the following syntax www.examplebsp.htm?gd_id=1234&gd_name=bob. But when using the MVC technique you call the .do controller but i dont seem to be able to pass values to it ( other than using a cookie i guess ).

Is there a way i can do this.

Having said all this, i have just had a thought!..maybe i could create a page with flow logic within the BSP to except the passed parameters and from within here call the controller. Is this a viable option or is there a better way

Thanks in advance