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Nov 05, 2015 at 11:59 PM

ODATA AUTHORIZATION - Not authorized NO exception throw location recorded. Stack generation suppressed.


Hello Everybody,

i have the problem, with accessing an ODATA - Service.

accessing the meta data works:

accessing the ODATA directly don't work:

the definition of the ODATA points to a CDS-View:

the CDS - View is based on a Public Synonym in the Schema "_SYS_BIC" of a Content-Table the content table "EPMSAMPLEDATA.SNWD_AD"

i have greated a role which is assigned to my user and i have granted the access to all active objects per sql.

followed the role:

any hints ?

best regards


metadata.PNG (50.9 kB)
Problem.PNG (41.9 kB)
odata.PNG (51.7 kB)
role.PNG (19.3 kB)