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Former Member
Nov 06, 2015 at 01:23 AM

Member Selector - Dimension Property Options


Hi All

We are seeking a method to manipulate the row definition, inner dimension member based on two scenarios: Please see the example and scenarios below:

What we have tried:

*By default, we have the fund member selector linked to the first dimension (account) property (FUND). This produces the correct results for scenario 2 above.

*We have a EPMDIMENSIONOVERRIDE for the fund. This produces the correct results for scenario 1 above.

*We have used EPMOLAPMEMBERO to reference the local member value. However this results in multiple funds being displayed for each account.

What we need:

We need a method to be able to toggle between scenarios 1 & 2, with the row defintion being dynamically updated (after refresh).

Is there any API or EPM formula that allows the member selector, dimension property to be overriden/manipulated?

Any other ideas?

Any assistance much appreciated