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Nov 05, 2015 at 08:55 PM

Portal Logon Page - Server information is visible in the HTTP response


I have applied the suggested configuration in Note 1886474 to remove server information from the HTTP response in the portal. When I access the logon page, the server information has been removed for most of the logon page components, but the bottom two components (ur_nn6.css & selfServiceLogo.jpg) still display server information.

We have made some slight changes to the certLogonPage.jsp to display the selfServiceLogo.jpg.

This is the portal configuration for the Logon Application.

Any help hiding the server information for the .css and .jpg is appreciated. Thanks.


logonpage_css.jpg (60.3 kB)
logonpage_logo.jpg (59.7 kB)
certLogonPage.jpg (28.8 kB)
logon_config.jpg (86.6 kB)