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Nov 05, 2015 at 07:00 PM

PO 7.4 Java stack IDOC adapter issue


Hi experts:

I'm facing an issue with a JDBC to IDOC scenario in a PO 7.4 single stack system.

We performing a select in the jdbc sender channel and getting a payload.

This has been working fine and it usually works fine today message became into system error. Error description is:

Control record is not mandatory - control record will be added if not available

11/5/2015 7:45:07.431 AM Information XML Payload parsed to idoc document list with number of idocs: 905

11/5/2015 7:45:07.624 AM Information Sending idoc message to receiver R/3 system with TID XIcRmVU8F74UMjs00005blvW

11/5/2015 7:45:17.003 AM Information IDOC message sent to receiver R/3 system

11/5/2015 7:45:17.013 AM Information TID XIcRmVU8F74UMjs00005blvW confirmed

11/5/2015 7:45:18.540 AM Error Transmitting the message to endpoint <local> using connection JDBC_ failed, due to: Current transaction is marked for rollback

After doing several checks we found that idocs were correctly posted to ECC system but message was still in system error even when retrying it.

We saw a very similar issue explained in note 1826405 - IDoc_AAE TxRollbackException when CREADAT is not specified

But in our case the conditions didn't match and the SP level for the note is lower that ours.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for your help