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Nov 05, 2015 at 04:31 PM

aggregating duplicate records



I need help for below scenario.

In a flat file load I get duplicate records sometimes with different key figures values as below.

M P C A B ---- fields structure

M1 P1 C1 20

M1 P1 C1 40

Value of A is calculated in end routine and B we are getting from file. (this is for reference purpose only, actual KF with 1 to 1 mapping are 4 and derived in in end routine are 4.)

I want to aggregate values of duplicates so that final record in cube will be like below.

M1 P1 C1 60

Now If I put aggr rule as summation in transformation will value of B add up to 60 before going to end routine? means when this record goes to end routine it will be 2 records with values 20 and 40 OR only 1 record with B as 60??

if this solution won't work kindly suggest any other way of doing this...

Please suggest.