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Feb 13, 2006 at 09:22 AM

Warrenty Invoice Tracking


I am facing a problem in developing a new report at ABB. let me explain the scenario.

Requirement from the customer:

Aim: For confirming warranty of a product, as per Warranty Policy, products are under warranty for 18 Months from Date of dispatch. Each module is traceable using Sr. Number.

Input : Serial No

Output: Material number, Sales Order No, Invoice No, Invoice date and LR details.

Business Process

1. Client is selling a product (module) directly to customer, that module having one-year warranty period.

If customer returns the module they have to find whether that module's invoice date falls within the warranty period.

Currently there are finding the invoice date through IQ03 (Transaction) History. that module having serial number and while receiving that module from customer they know only serial number, from that serial number they want to identify sales order number, invoice number and invoice date.

In this case since the module is directly linked with sale order, we can find sale order number from VBAP table and Invoice Number and date from VBRP and VBRK tables.

2. In some cases that Module is fixed in a panel and sales order is created for that panel.That module has defined as a component in the BOM of the Panel .They are not maintaining serial number for panel.Customer is returning module alone without panel to the client due to some complaint. As per client there is no data available from customer, except serial no of that module.So they have to find out in which sales order they used that module and have to find the invoice number and date for that order.Serial no is unique for that plant and the same module has been used in many number of Panels.

Here we unable to find out the Panel no, for which that particular serial number& module number combination has been issued.In display of a material document for a GI to a production order we can able to see the serial numbers and production order no.But we are unable to find the table relationship between serial number and production order.If we find the production order no. from that we can find sales order and other parameters.

That module is an external procurement item.While making GRN with 101 movement type,for a purchase order they are using barcode scanner and serial number generated in backround.

Referred tables


If any of you has come across this scenario or if there is any other solution for this, pls.let me know.

Pls.revert back for further inputs regarding this.