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Nov 05, 2015 at 09:37 AM

AppToApp SSO Tutorial with SF


Hi there,

has anybody worked through SAP HANA Cloud Portal Documentation?

this tutorial and got it working with Successfactors? Some things are not clear to me so maybe let me explain what i think i understand:

  • You need a HTML5 Project with one file in this case helloUser.xml you push and activte that
  • You need a Java application with a servlet as described you upload etc.
  • Now you apparently need a destination file called the same as in the tutorial but unfortunatly the neo put-destination is not working as described in the tutorial, i always gat an 500 application portal does not exist
  • Anyhow i put the destination all over the place, Account level, Cloud Portal, Java App
  • Then i enter the Portal, click on "Add Widget" select OpenSocial and paste the URL i get when i am in the cockpit under HTML5 application
    • What is confusing here, in the documentation is writen you have to point to the helloUser.xml(spec XML)? But not always only sometimes??
  • create new Site and add widget
  • which results in an Error "DestinationHttpFetcher: login screen was received due to missing login data"

So can anybody maybe point me in the right direction what i am missing? or has an working example somewhere in git?