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Nov 05, 2015 at 02:20 AM

Calling method of one view controller from another


Hi Experts,

I have an issue and I hope some one can give a clue to resolve

In my Main UI5 page, I have 2 panel and each panel got a separate view and controller. Each panel is associated with a separate JSON Model

Now from my main UI page I have date picker and upon selection of this date I want to transfer this date to the panel view/controller .

so in my handledateChange : function (oEvent) {

sap.ui.controller("name space of the panel1).Panel1controllerMethod() // to pass date selected in Main page to panel1 view/controller

--- should come here

sap.ui.controller(namespace of panel2).Panel2controllerMethod() // to pass the date selected in Main Page to panel2 view/controller

upto here is fine. Now

when inside the Panel1controllerMethod : function () {

I have reference of


This line throws error when the method get fired .

How to change "this" into reference of panel1.view page


It is more of calling a controller method from another controller . But after calling from inside the panel1 controller I am not sure how should it refer to its own panel1.view .

Any help is much appreciated