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Nov 05, 2015 at 02:16 AM

Batch field not ready for input in MFBF - Post With Correction Screen


Hi All,

We are using Repetitive Manufacturing and are facing an issue while using MFBF Transaction.

Batch Management is activated both for Raw Materials as well as Finished Goods. Of late we are facing an issue wherein in the Post With Correction screen, for any Raw material which is available in Stock, system automatically fetches the appropriate batch based on the Batch Strategy.

1) If there is a Partial Quantity in one of the batches according to Batch Strategy, system considers the full quantity available in the Batch and proposes a second line item wherein the remaining quantity can be picked (if stocks are available in other batches). Eg Required Quantity is 100. Batch X has 58 nos and it is proposed to be picked up automatically. There is one more batch Y available with 42 nos. System shows a second line item, so that the batch can be entered manually.

2) If no quantity is available for a component in a particular batch (according to Batch Strategy), but available in other batches, the field Batch is greyed out and is not ready for input. Because of this, the material moves into Reprocessing List and is cleared subsequently.

Can anyone explain this behavior of the system along with the solution.


R Vijayakumar

+91 9840714475