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Nov 05, 2015 at 03:53 AM

how to export all error messages from co54


Dear all,

Good day to you all, I am ABAPer, I have an Abap question related to this SAP t-code CO54.

Our user is using CO54 to check error messages every day, it is not convinient by clicking on the "Log(Shift+F10)" buttton to see the detail error one by one (go in and go out..). In this case, i am trying to write a simple Abap program to retrieve all the error message to a report, then user able to view all the error message in one page/screen.

COMH-ERRK='D': Processing status of the process message/the control recipe


COMH-SEDAT='27.10.2015': Date on Which Record Was Created

COMH-MSCLA='ZI_PRODS': Process Message Category

Based on the above SAP table COMH, the report is able to select all the error messages with all the detail data from another table COME, eg. material#, serial#, batch#, qty, uom, movement_type and so on. BUT, i am yet to find out what is the actual logic/table using by SAP, how to retrieve the actual error message shown as below 2 samples! I am not sure where these error messages stored/hiden somewhere in SAP.


No by- or co-product item for material 1003 order 1073037 found

=> Message could not be processed by destination ZI03 Z_COCI_CONFIRM_MATERIAL_PROD_C


Serialnumber 322915452552300884 already assigned to HU 00000100000000543227.

=> Message could not be processed by destination ZI03 Z_COCI_CONFIRM_MATERIAL_PROD_C

I am trying to find out more information from following function calls, then i can copy & built some logic into my customised Abap report,



SE38 .... PERFORM tree_add_nodes ...

SE38 ... PERFORM tree_add_nodes_expand ...

BUT I still yet to find out the logic behind, what is the tables and functions that i can use to retrieve all the error-process-messages,,, if anybody know about this, can anyone help me about this. Thank you very much in advance 😊

Best regards,