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Nov 04, 2015 at 02:40 PM

CS14 -->Error in BOM comparison


Hello experts, It seems that we have found an error in CS14, but I’m not sure. Our FERT BOMs have about 7 levels and almost 300 hundred materials. The error happens with a differentiated and multilevel comparison of two different BOM applications (design and production). This FERT material (for usage production in BOM) has two kits in its structure, both of them with the same items in its corresponding BOMs: We have two 1025733 in a FERT --> 8 units of 1015124 (screenshot number 1). We have one 1030546 in a FERT --> 4 units of 1015124 (screenshot number 2). If we compare in CS14 design BOM with production BOM for FERT material, the change numbers appear in the wrong place (screenshots number 3). The comparison is wrong. I’m quite sure it is a SAP error, does anybody know why does it happen? Thanks in advance.


3.jpg (74.7 kB)
2.jpg (49.3 kB)
1.jpg (46.8 kB)