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Nov 04, 2015 at 12:53 PM

Ageing from any specified date


Hi Guys,

we delivered ageing with current date , but customer changed requirement.

Now customer want to see the report on the date , which they enter and not on current date.

For current date I implemented the logic in DSO for each record and displayed in query by using restricted key figures.

Current scenario : user enter the date value and we should calculate ageing from there.

for eg. user inputs end of august and report should show ageing based o that date.

so logic is document date - to date. This has changed the logic , now I cant calculate the ageing at DSO leve l as I dont know what date user will input.

Can somebody help with the new logic.

I am just worried all abap code will go away and all will be handled in query.

Kindly suggest some logic if possible.

Thanks !