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Nov 04, 2015 at 12:57 PM

C4C-ERP integration: issue with DEBMAS field SORTL


Hi guys,

due to customer demand we added the fields 'SORT1' and 'SORT2' to C4C. For integration reasons we did this on address level so that the HCI mapping would be easy as well. Now we are facing the issue, that through initial replication from C4C to ERP the SORT1 value get's overwritten by the BAdI code of class CL_IM_COD_DEBMAS_INBOUND. Nevertheless this coding is necessary so that field SORTL in DEBMAS is filled, otherwise the creation of customer data in ERP fails, because the field is mandatory. Because the ADRUPD (with the correct SORT1 information from C4C) is processed before the DEBMAS IDOC, a dummy value is added to SORTL instead of the actual value from SORT1.

Has anyone made similar experience with this issue and can provide some kind of best practice, how to deal with it?

It seems like a general race condition issue due to the fact that SORTL and SORT1 are part of separate objects and because ADRUPD always needs to be processed before DEBMAS IDOC.


Sven Trillhof