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Nov 04, 2015 at 11:52 AM

HR Renewal UI5 - Country Specific Launchpad entries?


Hi Gurus!
We are in the process of implementing HR Renewal Ui5 - using the Suite Page Builder.
We use the HRESS_EMP_PRO_G - on which we show the Salary History Card.

This Card has a link to Details - which we use to show a Sap query that shows os the salary history of that employee.

This looks like this:

When the user clicks on the Details link - this view opens:

This part works fine - and it woks by calling the Odata service Launchpad navigation.

the launchpad it uses is this:

which has the AppAlias called: COMPENSATION_PROFILE.

But - our view has to changed - based on the country - because we have different requiements for the different countries.

is it somehow possible to change the launchpad entry dynamically? Either change the AppAlias or the Configuration.

I could copy the UI5 application - and make my own odata service to give me the Molga of the user - but this seems like a big step.

Help is appreciated 😊

Best regards



part1.PNG (38.6 kB)
part2.PNG (39.5 kB)
part3.PNG (51.2 kB)