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Feb 13, 2006 at 05:46 AM

patch installation EP 6.0 SP9 issues


Hi ,

During the installation of EP which has been installed as follows


-SAP Web AS 6.4 SR1 . (Only central instance and the database instance

with no seperate dialog instances)

-EP 6.0 SP9 SR1


The SAP note 766765 mentioned in the guide "EP60SP9Install_SR1_v5.pdf"

asks me to install the patch for KMC which later on directs me to

"NW_SP_STACK09_109.pdf" the support package guide for SP09 .

In the section "2 Support Package Stack 09" under the heading "2.1 List

of Required Support Packages" of this guide it gives me a list of support

packages . I have downloaded the required packages for the technical

scenario "SAP enterprise portal" . They are for Web AS , Portal

paltformand KMC and I assume that I have to install all of them . Now I

go to the

section "4.4 SAP Web AS Java" which is on page 62 of the guide .Here

under the section "4.4.2 Preparation" it says the following

" If Portal Platform and Knowledge Management and Collaboration (KMC) are

running on your Web AS Java, apply KMC Patch 2 for SAP NetWeaver '04

Support Package Stack 05 before patching this Web AS Java. For more

information, see SAP Note 772515.

While typically patches are included in the next support package, in this

case you must install Patch 2 for KMC prior to applying the Support

Package Stack to Web AS Java. "

ISSUE 1 : When I check for the SAP note 772515, the service marketplace

says "Note 772515 is not released." Now I am stuck with the

installationas I don't know where to find the KMC Patch 2 and secondly

what relevantinformation I will be missing about this patch( let's say Ifind the

patch myself ) , if I intend to ignore the inexistance of SAP note 772515 .


In the section "4.4.2 Preparation" of the support package stack guide

SP09 under the heading "Windows only" it says in the "Action"

"Make sure that SAP MMC and the Microsoft Service Management Console

are not running."

ISSUE 2 : If this is what I do then I cannot install the patch because

during the intial information capture with SAPINST it validates the

userpwd for the user DDIC . For this it needs to establish the RFC

conectionwhich it cannot , as the MMC is down . Similarily it does for

the J2EE

engine parameters and this will not happen again as the MMC is down .

Now I am not sure if I keep the MMC running and start with the patch

installation , what damage will I cause to the already installed system



I need your help in the above mentioned issues asap as the delay in the

installation will effect the delivery schedule of the project .