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Former Member
Nov 04, 2015 at 07:13 AM

YTD values in Rolling Forecast



I have requirement to create a Rolling forecast with totals as shown in the color items.

I have created rolling forecast, but getting these totals into EPM Local members need advice.

I have maintained, Current period as a property in Version.

So as the Current period changes, my rolling forecast YTD values should adjust.

Local members attached to report(Member, Member combination, Dimension, Colums axis, Row Axis and Local member) --> how to make it dynamic?

Suppose if Current period is 2015.02, then YTD Actual will be 2 months actual, YTD should be 2 months actual + 10 months forecast and YTD forecast is 12 Forecast values.

If Current month is 2015.08, then the YTD actual = 8 months Actual, YTD = 8 months Actual + 4 months Forecast and YTD Forecast = 12 months Forecast.